Profiles & Projects Avalon
Helping with communication,
strategy and marketing

We offer a simple, cost-effective approach to developing a business growth strategy with an
emphasis on communication and marketing.

As part of the strategy, the potential growth opportunities of the 50+ market – the largest
and fastest growing in the country – are assessed.

To learn more, please contact Steve Harder
or Deborah Harder
at 902-351-2214
or cell 902-305-2524.
Providing technical writing and design for information articles

We produce information articles on a variety of topics and issues, such as climate change, sustainability, natural resources, energy and others.

These articles can save managers and business owners time, energy and resources and provide a valuable service to the public, customers and other audiences.

Profiles & Projects Avalon has been approved under the Nova Scotia government’s management business services standing offer for technical writing, editing and project management.


Customer-focused content service can help your business grow

We are introducing a customer-focused content service to help maintain or expand your customer base and grow your business.

As the owner or manager, you know your business and your customers best.

Yet communicating with existing and potential customers is becoming increasingly complicated.

Extensive in-person and even phone contact is being replaced by electronic options, including email, social media, websites and mobile.

Standard ads or sales often aren’t enough to keep customers interested in the products and services your business offers.